List of Minor Items

Iron Armor.

Silver Sword.

Gold Sword.


Wonder Candy.

Super Shield.

Stat Lenses.


Note the ??? is a item that gives some something random from a sword to a rock to the head.

Also the silver and gold sword is a minor object BECAUSE it is not required to beat the game but the ultimate sword is. Don't worry you will see when the game comes out and it is up to that point.

Wonder Candy it restores health to max really good Final Resort.

If you are wondering the Super Shield allows you to block lighting attacks fire attacks and you can block more damage.

Also the demo has exploring, which lets you explore dungeon 1. Boss battle, which lets you fight a boss. And over world exploring, which is out of dungeon exploring.

The Stat Lenses let you see the enemy's stats like they're heath bar, abilities, etc.

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