1. Give the old man a dog. You receive iron armor for that.

2. Give the broke kid some money. You receive a ??? item.

3. Go to the school and kill the people in the office. The kids will give you Candy!

4. Give the hungry man some of your nice soup. You will get some Ice cream!

5. Give the lab man some chemicals. You will get a silver sword in return.

6. Fry a piece of candy and give it to a weird spoiled kid. You will get a GOLD sword for that.

7. Kill a police for a robber if you and him survive you will get. A Super Shield!


Don't think just because you are giving a old man a dog it is going to be easy but no it has to be the right kind or he will throw it and punch you in the face.

Also a ??? item is a rare item that you don't know what is in it till you use it could be good or bad.

In the coding plans i was going to add descriptions for you getting quest items. Such as YOU GOT A GOLD SWORD FOR THAT... Wait how did he get this...

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